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                                       Item: 11879                                                   Item: 11816                                                    Item: 11813
                        18k.White Gold                                           18k.White Gold                                            18k.White Gold
                        Princess Diamonds: 1.14Ct                          Round Diamonds: 0.45Ct.                             Diamonds: 0.44Ct. Sapphires: 0.33Ct.

                                      Item: 11806                                                  Item: 13276                                              Item: 11807
                       18k.White Gold                                           18k.White Gold                                           18k.White Gold
                       Princess Diamonds: 0.75Ct.                         Round Diamonds: 0.89Ct.                            Round Diamonds: 1.63Ct.
                       Round Diamonds: 0.37Ct.                            Sapphire: 2.20Ct.                                          

                                     Item: 11880                                                 Item: 11549                                                    Item: 10226                    
                     18k. White Gold                                          14k. White Gold                                          14k. White Gold
                     Princess Sapphires: 0.27Ct.                         Princess Diamonds: 0.11 Ct.                        Round Diamonds: 1.02Ct.
                     Round Diamonds: 0.3Ct.                              Round Diamonds: 0.23Ct.