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                                      Item: 11533                                            Item: 10863                                                     Item: 12002
                    14K. White Gold Comfort Fit                       14K. White Gold Comfort Fit                      14K. White Gold Comfort Fit

                                      Item: 11262                                                Item: 11264                                                Item: 11263
                     18K.Yellow & White Gold Comfort Fit          18K.Yellow & White Gold Comfort Fit            18K.Yellow & White Gold Comfort Fit

                                        Item: 13284                                                Item: 11266                                                Item: 11267
                    Platinum & 18k.yellow Gold Comfort Fit         Platinum & 22K. Yellow Gold Comfort Fit       Platinum & 18k.yellow Gold Comfort Fit
                                                                                      Hand Engraved                                            Hand Engraved

                                   Item: 1952P                                                Item: 1714                                                      Item: 1979
                                14k. Rose Gold                                       14k. Rose & white Gold                                       14k. Rose Gold

                                   Item: 17609                                                     Item: 17608                                                    Item: 17607    
                                14k. Grey Gold                                                  14k. White Gold                                              14k.White Gold

                                Item: 17606                                                       Item: 17610                                                  Item: 6537
                         14k. Rose & White Gold                           14k. White Gold with black diamonds              14k. White Gold with black diamonds

                               Item: 6555                                                          Item: 6560                                                       Item: 6580P
                  14k. Rose & White Gold with coloured              14k.Rose & white Gold with diamonds             14k.Rose & White Gold with diamonds